Right now I’m feeling a little tired… I woke up earlier than usual so I could make breakfast, eat it, read my bible and then go get blood work done. But unfortunately that didn’t happen because when I went to leave the last person who used my car pushed the emergency break up really far up. I blame having such poor grip in the morning because it was utterly impossible for me to push it down! So the blood work didn’t happen. I did eat breakfast though and I got to read my bible, so that was good! I also read a very old book my mom let me borrow on having a happy Christian marriage. I am finding it refreshing because of its ageless advice! There’s nothing dated about treating your partner with the respect he deserves or being proactive about having proper communication. The author also said that you shouldn’t complain about your partner’s shortcomings and weaknesses with your mom, sister or best friend. But instead share those concerns with Jesus and of course your partner!

Quite honestly I don’t know where Michael and I would be if we didn’t discuss our concerns with one another. I always feel a sense of freedom and relief when we tell each other the truth about how we feel. The next chapter is about spiritual adjustments which should be really good! In other news today Michael and I are going to check out one of the catering places we had our eyes on. We are hoping to make a menu we both love and that goes with our style without compromising our budget. All in all things in wedding land are coming along quite marvelously! I ordered my dress a couple weeks ago, we settled on a venue and I think I’m starting to develop a clearer vision of how I want everything to look. But first I just need to share those visions with my fiancé! 😉

Until next time!



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