Hello! My name is Jessica, a believer of Jesus and I’m a twenty year old girl who is living with her parents, sister and Labrador Gusty in New Jersey. I just graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Culinary Arts and Health in December, and am now spending time at home recovering from a bilateral hip replacement. As of late, this blog has become a place where I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts about my healing process, self-reflections and occasionally a tasty recipe. Though the theme of my blog is subject to change as my life changes. I am passionate about writing, being around people, eating, cooking, health and fitness. I love sharing my passions with other people and am very enthusiastic about influencing them to acquire a healthier outlook on life! My ultimate goal is to open a cozy café with the jelly to my peanut butter sandwich, Michael whom I love dearly. I’m a pretty average gal who finds joy in baking chocolate chip cookies for her boyfriend fiancé, spending time with her family, finding adorable vintage accessories, reading/watching anything Jane Austen and participating  in lots of daydreaming. Hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I’m interested in the NGI…I should say I want to go soooo bad. I’m trying to decide if it is practical and affordable for me to go! I’m 28, live in Canada, and am having a hard time finding someone who has gone to NGI who can tell me about it. Could you give me your take on the school? Also how difficult would it be for my to live in Manhattan if I went to NGI? I appreciate any info you have the time to share:)
    Love you blog!

  2. Hey Ashley,
    Thank you for stopping by! A majority of my classmates were international students who came from all over the world and told me they were able to find houses through the schools recommendations, and also through Craigslist. The school itself is expensive but I think it’s worth it because it not only prepares you with professional knife skills and cooking techniques, it also prepares you with the tools to help cook for people who suffer from illnesses, and has a very holistic approach to food making NGI so unique. I also found the instructors are incredibly inspiring, helpful and influential, all coming from various different culinary backgrounds. I guess it’s safe to say that I would highly recommend going there and I hope you found this helpful. But if you have any more specific questions don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

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