twenty + engaged

Being twenty and engaged may seem unusual in this generation. Why? I’ve only graduated high school three years ago, am “inexperienced” with life and am supposed to be finishing up college and receiving my bachelor’s degree. This is half true, partially because everyone has a different way of doing things, including me. I think I’ve been through different trials these past two years that forced me to grow up and maybe I’ll go to college when I feel physically and mentally ready. As for getting married at my young age, I feel ready than I’ve ever been for anything in my life! The man I am marrying on November 2nd of this year has been the answer to all my prayers. He’s my best friend, a lover of Jesus, my better half and the supporter of all my passions and dreams. I feel rather relieved that I didn’t have to date around the world and back to realize that Michael was who the Lord wanted me to be with. In fact he’s the only man I’ve ever dated. I used to always wonder “How do you know if you’re supposed to be with this person forever?” but I believe that the answer really lies in prayer, scripture and from the wisdom of the people who love and know you best.

Speaking of being engaged, I see a few things from a different perspective now. I sometimes like to pretend I’m already married and try to pick up after myself as much as possible. I’m still cooking and baking but now I try to cook a variety of different tastes and colors; I even tried cooking free-range lamb, which I didn’t eat myself but knew my dad and Michael would enjoy it… And they did! I am also more conscious of how I carry myself and am no longer finding myself lusting [okay maybe not lusting] but daydreaming about the cute sandals from Urban Outfitters *sigh*. I guess a good thing that my priorities are now transforming into things that the both of us will benefit from. Such as going to premarital counseling, studying marriage books, saving money for our wedding and so on. We are going to be united this upcoming fall and twenty years old (by then I’ll be 21) or not, I am ready for that. That’s all I am going to say about this subject right now… More unsolicited insight to come!



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