Repinning recipes all day long.


So, it’s the second week since I’ve been home from the hospital, and I must say everything is going rather splendid and I’m feeling a little bit better each day! On Tuesday I graduated to one crutch and should be walking unassisted by next week which I’m really looking forward to. Crutches are not fun! I remember when I was little, I always wanted to break my leg so I would have to use crutches or break my arm so people can sign my cast. I have no idea why I thought those would be fun experiences because having to use crutches has been anything but fun! Sometimes people stare at me like they’ve never seen a person on crutches before, other times I’m bumping into other people with them or people are bumping into me. Anyway other than that I’m super optimistic about how I should be feeling these next few weeks, and I am still blown away by the absence of hip pains that I had been experiencing for over  a year.  It’s such a relief.

Now that I’ve been spending a lot more time at home, I’ve been obsessing drooling over food blogs and have been repining gorgeous foods from Pinterest nonstop! Most of the time I’m drawn to the foods I’ve never made at home and I dream of making them instantly. But because I’m still healing and get tired easily, I’ve limited myself to cooking new things only on the weekends. The weekends are also the only time I see my lovely boyfriend Michael. He helps me tremendously in the kitchen and we both have a blast cooking new foods together! Last Sunday we made “Dirty Chai Pancakes” with bacon and boy did those pancakes taste incredible! They were perfectly spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and COFFEE. Yes, coffee. Oh, and we both loved how perfectly they absorbed the maple syrup like a sponge. I’m not a huge pancake lover and neither is Michael, we would definitely choose waffles (and ice cream!!) over pancakes any day, but these were wonderfully delicious!

I am coming to the realization that breakfast is indeed my favorite meal of the day and it should be eaten without hesitation. I’ve wrote about the nutritional importance of it but the comfort it provides is what I truly love. Coffee, fellowship with those you love and the sweet & savory flavors joining forces make me feel so delighted. I honestly don’t know where I was going with this post… But I guess all I can say is I’m going to continue enjoying to eat with the people I love and not hesitate to make the beautiful foods I’ve been daydreaming about for weeks! That’s all I got to say.



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