Never giving up.

Me giving a very short speech at my graduation ( I had no idea we were supposed to give a speech!)

The other day I thought I lost my journal and was scrambling all over the place. I know it’s just paper but it still cultivated personal thoughts and my prayers, you know? Anyway I ended up finding it in one of my purses when I came home from visiting Michael. Which brings me to some pretty disappointing news I had received on Monday about the status of my Avascular Necrosis. Remember how I was saying I was going to send my x-rays to an AVN specialist?  Well I did, and he responded a little under three weeks. It turns out my necrosis is much more advanced than formally addressed from my previous doctor, and there’s a high chance that my hip is close to collapsing; if it hasn’t done so already. The specialist told me the stem cell procedure may not be my best option and there’s only a 50% chance I could even benefit from it. The only two other options I know of are: core decompression or a hip replacement. But the good news is that he requested a new set of x-rays so he can determine the status of what’s presently going on in my hips, and help me further.

What was my initial reaction? At first my heart sank a little when I heard the word “hip” and “at the state of collapsing.” Being only twenty years old this is not exactly an ideal situation for me… Of course I think it’s unfair, especially since I’ve just graduated from culinary school and have dreams of getting married and opening my own cafe someday! But after receiving love and support from my family and Michael, my heart managed to ease up and I was immediately reminded of how this whole experience is bringing me so much closer to God. It’s taught me patience, humility and to ask other people for help. I know I’m never alone and believe that there’s ways around this trial even when I’m feeling sad. New hip or not, I will remain joyful in His name and won’t ever give up!



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