Happy Halloween?

Not to sound pessimistic by any means but, I doubt many children in the East Coast will be expecting candy from their neighbors this year. Then again who knows? I don’t know what to expect anymore after this surprisingly tragic week; I spent this morning looking at pictures and watching news reports of the conditions of Jersey’s beaches and near by neighborhoods that left me truly heartbroken. Although I do feel relieved that it’s over and the families (including my own) are managing to stay strong through this alarming storm. My family is currently experiencing a power outage that’s supposed to last up to ten days, and I’m praying that they continue to stay positive. I’m just grateful our house was not flooded and that they are all safe! Though I cannot help but pray that their power will come back sooner and not later, for the sake of their comfort. As for my grandmother and I, we have not been negatively affected by the storm except a broken plant pot and me not having school this week. But that doesn’t take away from the heavy feeling in my heart; I cannot even fathom what the families who’ve lost their homes, animals and in some cases their own lives through this hurricane. Though a peace is brought into my heart when I keep it close to God by praying harder than ever. I have faith He’ll bring something wonderful out of everyone’s trial whether it’s big or small, prayers will be answered and comfort will be provided.

Update: I just found out it was officially banned in New Jersey and the governor postponed it to November 5th, 2012 and my family just got power! Yippee! Well I’m off, I hope everyone continues to stay safe and enjoy the rest of their weeks 🙂



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