My weekend

Hello friends,

I gotta say my weekend was encouraging, awakening and incredibly relaxing! My sister Aria, mom, Esperanza and I drove to Maryland for the Women’s retreat at Sandy Cove.  But before we got there we stopped at Delaware for some lunch. My lovely mother found a spot called Fresh Thyme’s a small organic cafe run by a mother and daughter, that serves vegan and gluten-free options! I enjoyed a veggie burger with fresh avocado, tomato and sprouts, a side of quinoa tabbouleh and a delicious (yet very crumbly!) brownie that I shared with Aria. All and all everyone enjoyed their meals and I can honestly say the food was satisfying, wholesome and yummy! After enjoying lunch, we walked around the town for a little, then headed over to Sandy Cove to check into our rooms and relaxed a little bit before our first session.

Every year I look forward to the fellowship, escaping from New Jersey and most importantly enjoying Gods perfectly crafted creations. This year the theme was “Incomparable Christ” and a lot of testimonies were shared over the weekend.  To me the woman’s retreats are a time of basking in His word, worshiping in His name and all the extraordinary things He’s done in all of our lives! This retreat left me with a very basic statement which is: in order for God to reveal things to you, you need to let Him in. That means you have to be willing to surrender everything.  For the longest time I thought I was right with God, I thought that loving Him and treating others nicely was enough. But nope, a relationship with God is so much more than that. It actually involves me to include God in everything and not to only run to Him when things get bad. I should be talking to Him always! The truth of the matter is that investing a relationship in Christ will reward us with the biggest gift any of us could ever imagine! And, what could be sweeter than that?

“How sweet are your words to my taste,
sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

Psalm 119:103

(sweeter than agave, if you’re vegan!)

Until next time,

Jeffie Jessica


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