My Week in Food (pictures)

Happy Friday!

You know what I’ve just discovered? I am finding myself more in love with cooking every single and it’s quite an exciting discovery!  Clearly cooking is no longer just a “pass time” for me; it’s becoming an outlet for my creativity and a way to share nutritious meals with others! I can’t wait until I start culinary school 🙂

Here are just a few pictures of the delicious recipes; I’ve been trying out this week:

homemade waffles substituted the eggs, milk, and butter for “chia eggs”, unsweetened soy milk, and earth balance. fresh fruit and maple syrup are always my toppings of choice.

grilled wild salmon (marinaded with fresh lemon & lime with garlic), mango salsa, brown rice, and of course corn on the cob! I always add a little vegetable broth to my brown rice for extra flavor without relying on too much salt.

Fried pineapple quinoa adapted from the blog, “Healthy. Happy. Life.” I followed the recipe only used shrimp instead of tofu… I am a rebel but this was incredibly flavorful!

How could I forget dessert? Vegan chocolate cupcakes with an orange butter cream frosting topped with fresh orange 🙂 Lately I’ve been obsessing over orange-chocolate combinations. Bases and acidity baby!



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