Mommy and Sister Day

It’s extremely rare for me to off on a Saturday so, my sister Aria and I took our lovely mother out on a little date! We spent the afternoon walking around, getting lost with Aria’s iPhone directions, antiquing, and a little consignment store shopping! Disclaimer: I am a of a thrift store junkie.

I bought this top and necklace for the small price of 17 bucks:

And my sister got a glamorous black sequined blouse for $20!


As the stores began to close and the sun was long gone our stomachs started rumbling; we took mom to a cozy vegan café called “Good Karma.” It’s a tiny place with a cozy atmosphere, scrumptious food, and such sweet employees! We started off with coffee and I forgot to remind my mom that they’re not going to give her actual milk for coffee. My mom’s not a big fan of soy milk and hates it in coffee but with an open mind she drank the coffee and actually asked for a second dose! The coffee fit our standards and was anything but weak!

As an appetizer we decided on a Green Chile Hummus with Multigrain Crackers. The hummus was fresh and probably the best I’ve had in a very long time. I definitely plan on recreating it for my little “hors d’oeuvres” party!  Not only was the hummus delicious it was also very appealing. I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for good presentation and Good Karma is no stranger to making beautiful plates of food.

I ordered sweet and spicy chili tofu atop of brown rice and sautéed vegetables. The combination of sweet, savory, and spicy was certainly an explosion of wonderfulness in my mouth. I don’t particular like tofu (my only exception is Penang’s!) but it was cooked to perfection and the grill marks give it a nice touch.

My mom ordered (I forgot to picture it…whoops!) Pad Thai with Tempeh strips. The tempeh was also very yummy and soft. It was a melody of peanut sauce, noodles, and veggies which all tasted incredible together.

Aria got the philly cheesesteak with seitan and caramelized onions. I kind of pressured her to get this because I was curious to see how their “cheese” tasted. It was a nutritional yeast based cheese sauce which wasn’t bad but, didn’t exactly resemble a Philly. I thought it looked like a more elegant version of the sandwich 🙂 either way it was messy but good!

As soon as we finished our plates my sister and I requested the dessert menu! Without hesitation the three of us agreed on a chocolate ganache cake with the description “moist and decadent” and that’s exactly what it was! I loved how they placed the forks on this cake; like we’re fiends (which we are)

This picture is simply the evidence that we all approved and were obviously overjoyed with the delicious experience we shared together! Isn’t it so cool how food can bring people closer? Is it the food or the experience of trying something new… or both? Either way I love it and think everyone should try something new for a change! 🙂



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