a recipe for healthier, happier, hair!

My hair will never be naturally straight and my dad even refers to my frequent use of hair appliances as “burning my hair.” The truth is I don’t know where I would be without the help of my little hair rescuers. You know my flat iron and blow dryer; because let’s face it I can’t pull of an afro! Unfortunately the constant use of the two produce damage and with winter around the corner my hair automatically becomes dryer. Quadrupling my chances of getting split ends! But fear not, I’ve developed a fool proof recipe that’ll keep my hair healthier and happier this winter! Hope it helps you guys at home!

Step 1

pre-shampoo treatment:

Nutiva's my oil of choice 😉

I apply coconut oil onto the ends of my hair for optimal strengthening. I normally use about a teaspoon of melted coconut oil which is enough to moisturize my hair without it looking greasy. A little goes a long way… trust me! Then I leave coconut oil in my hair for twenty minutes, then rinse out, and proceed to shampooing. Olive oil also provides the same moisturizing/strengthening benefits but I prefer the smell of coconut in my hair, it reminds me of Piña Coladas in the Caribbean!

Step 2


Rusk's Organic Sensories Heal shampoo has no alcohol which leaves my hair feeling nice & soft.

I don’t know about you but I find my shampoo sessions to be quite relaxing if not therapeutic! My hair is extremely thick so, I only wash it twice a week and use enough shampoo to cover my whole scalp; because I don’t want to remove all the natural oils that keep my hair hydrated. To promote a healthier scalp make sure you massage your scalp thoroughly to reduce dryness and prevent dandruff. Another way prevent dryness is to use shampoos with natural ingredients and are alcohol-free.

Step 3


I love this brand because it smells just like oranges and restores & rebuilds damaged hair 🙂

If you’re like me and regularly blow dry/straighten your hair this last step is essential and it’s to deep condition your hair 1-2 times a week. What I do is apply a deep conditioner by starting with the ends of my hair and ending at my scalp, put a shower cap over my hair, and watch an episode of The Office. Once my program is finished, I rinse out the conditioner thoroughly and proceed to styling!

two of my favorite styling products:

Giovanni's Straightening Elixir works beautifully on thick hair! I use this when I'm blow drying my hair and have faster results. You can find Giovanni products at any Whole Foods Market.

Moroccan Oil is pretty pricey but a little goes along with this stuff! Plus it leaves your hair looking beautifully silky making it a good investment. (plus it smells amazing!! I don't know if you noticed but I like good fruity smelling hair.)

These are steps I’ve been living by for a year now and have not seen one split end since I’ve created this little recipe. Everyone’s hair is different so, I’m sure you follow your own system to achieve healthier hair! What’s your secret? 😉


4 thoughts on “a recipe for healthier, happier, hair!

  1. Considering coconut oil is pretty much my favourite Anything, Ever, I can’t believe I’ve never thought of using it on my hair. I can just imagine how awesome that would smell… I might end up eating a lot of hair. Got to try this!

  2. haha, sometimes i eat solid coconut oil alone… it’s so yummy! i am really afraid to buy the coconut butter because i think i’ll gain 300 pounds… i have no self control with coconuts.

  3. I did a few natural beauty posts for my blog back in October and now I’m addicted to using coconut oil as a beauty product! I use it just as you do for a pre-shampoo conditioner and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve never heard of Moroccan Oil and you’ve definitely inspired me to keep an eye out for new natural beauty products! 🙂

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