I’m Partially Nuts…

I don’t know about you but every two hours or so my stomach demands a little attention and by eating small meals throughout the day I hardly ever feel ravenous which keeps my metabolism always in check. My biggest pet peeve is feeling hungry during class so, I’ve become the type of girl who always carries snacks! So if you’re hungry lemme know, haha! Right now I’ve been a huge fan of one particular food. Call me a squirrel but my one of my favorite things to munch on is nuts. Hence the corny title of this blog post. I know you’re probably thinking “just nuts? you’re nuts!” it may sound mundane to you but I think nuts are a natural gift from God and deserve a lot of praise! C’mon think about it there are so many different kinds to choose from and they’re very portable; just slip them into a sandwich bag and you’re out the door! I choose raw nuts because when roasted they lose most of their lovely nutrients. Boohoo! My personal favorites are: pistachios, cashews, and peanuts; but, I must warn you nuts are pretty high in fat (healthy non-saturated fats!) and should be eaten in moderation. Here’s the suggested serving of the following nuts:

  • 1/4 cup unhelled pistachios ~ 170 calories

  • 1 oz. cashews ~ 160 calories

  • 1 oz. almonds ~ 160 calories

My favorite thing to do is add about a tablespoon (or two hehe) of dark chocolate chips into my sandwich bag of nuts. The combination of both sweet and salty is absolute perfection! Other than being delicious dark chocolate provides antioxidants and the nuts provide omega 3 fatty acids! The combination of the two creates a chemical reaction in my brain called endorphins. Which makes me happy and who wouldn’t want to eat something that can do that?

What about you what’s your favorite healthy snack? :]


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