a healthier, happier, outlook

My outlook on health is definitely maturing, improving, and evolving… I haven’t been recording much of my progress and even took a break from writing down the food I’ve eaten throughout the day. Because writing every ounce of food becomes very frustrating! Once I stopped worrying about not gaining weight I started to gain weight without even trying. I stopped stressing, lived my life, and most importantly treated my body with love. Because it really was the stress and worrying that made me sicker: physically and mentally. People have this misconception that gaining weight is easier than losing weight. IT’S NOT! Especially when you’re like me and suffer from gastrointestinal disease, have a couple of food allergies, and avoid eating processed foods. Through my scary experience I learned all the foods that I can’t digest. That means no more: eggs, alcohol, food dyes, fried food, processed foods, popcorn, fast food, and dried fruits. I barely ate those things anyway except for my beloved popcorn; which I do miss. But not eating these foods have definitely made my intestines feel happy which is wonderful and I don’t think popcorn is really worth a huge stomach ache.


Through this journey of recovery I’ve learned to accept change and truly found out what is healthy for me. Listening to my body has helped me identify a custom and always creative diet for myself; I’ve gained a healthy seventeen pounds and feel dynamite. And I can’t express how blessed I am to have such amazing support from my family & close friends. Now when I hear the words “you look really healthy, Jessica” my first assumption is not that their words are linked to my weight. Because looking healthy is not only about my weight it’s also based on how I feel on the inside.This Healthier, Happier, Jeffie is accepting that she has a chronic illness and is not letting it dictate her life. Hopefully I can use my experience to inspire other people to listen to their bodies and accept changes in life in the healthiest way possible.



2 thoughts on “a healthier, happier, outlook

  1. So glad that you have found a way to heal your body. I do believe that the gut and mind are so connected that if one is not right, the other will also be off kilter. I know you will inspire others to make the changes they might need to feel the best they can.

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