How I Exercise When…

None of these scenarios are dramatized they are indeed situations that I face on regular daily basis! Though every excuse I give myself has a loophole which answers the infamous question: “To exercise or not to exercise?”

  • I’m lacking motivation

There’s something really discouraging about ominous and stormy mornings. They make deeply irritable which brings me to my first excuse not to exercise and that my friend is: no motivation. I ask myself continuous times if I should or shouldn’t workout and an hour later I usually come to my senses.

Getting Motivated Through Yoga:

Instead of forgoing my daily workout I opt for something inspiring like a detoxifying yoga class. Not only is yoga scientifically proven to strengthen and stretch the body simultaneously it leaves me feeling energized throughout the whole day. And, when I’m feeling miserable a dose of yoga is all I need! I love practicing yoga because it’s effective, relaxing, and uplifting!

Getting Motivated by People:

As corny as this sounds my sister and I are exercise buddies. We encourage each other to take classes together at the gym at least twice a week. “Sister dates” is what we like to call our little endeavors. Whether we’re taking a yoga or zumba class we always find ourselves having a blast. Group classes provide this energy that motivates you to work a little harder! It’s really a healthy, productive, and fun way to spend quality time with my sister.

  • I’m sore from a previous exercise

I don’t love the idea of exercising when I’m sore and will choose comfort over pain any day; obsessing over exercising is not only unhealthy it can lead to injury.

Taking the day off:

I rarely take spin classes because it never fails to wreck my ability to move my entire lower body.  On that note any exercise that involves squats and crazy lunging movements I am screwed! Usually on these occasions I give myself the day off and run errands like: clean my house, organize my room, and maybe it’s nice outside I’ll walk to the library; which are all productive and beneficial.

Focusing on the not so sore parts of my body:

I really want to work out I focus on my upper body which gives my legs the rest they need. Upper body and core exercises never seize to please me!

  • “I Don’t Have Time”

I’m a college student and I have a part time job. Not only is it a big challenge to squeeze in time for exercising on a busy schedule; being in school and working certainly pay a toll on my physical and mental capacity! But instead of crying about it; I make time for it!

Quality Over Quantity Workouts:

Quickie workouts are highly intense and might even be more effective than going to the gym! My cable has exerciseTV which provides me with dozens of free workouts to choose from.  The 20 minute workouts are hosted by some of the best personal trainers and boy are they intense! ‘Cause quality is much greater than quantity, am I right?

  • Sick Days

Rest or Keep it Light:

This is a tricky one and it really depends on my state of sickness. If I’m really sick I won’t force anything upon myself because getting better and the rest my body needs is more important to me. But if it’s something minor like a cold or allergies I’ll usually do something less strenuous at home. There’s always room for tomorrow or the day after that.

As you can see exercising is an essential part of my everyday life. Like everything else I enjoy I choose not to obsess over it! I hope this post inspired you or helped you in some way. Since we’re talking about you; what are your views of exercising and what do you usually do in these situations? C’mon don’t be shy I’d love to hear your feedback!


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