Hey kids,

I managed to survive my new schedule! All my professors this semester are seemingly friendly and actually helpful. I noticed two new things in the college cafeteria, (1) A fried chicken bar (2) Greek yogurt! The fried chicken made me a little upset but the yogurt made up for it. My job isn’t bad either and it’s even fun at times! Something tells me this will be a better year and the break from working/schoolin’ was a good thing!

Anywho, since it is finally the weekend and I’m off from work today I took this day to actually sit down and blog. It’s weird not having anything planned and I don’t know if I’ll leave the house just yet. The relaxation is truly enchanting! Haha, okay that may be pushing it but I feel at ease. I am not sure what I’ll be writing today but I have a lot of ideas; and I will return my dears.


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