My Friday

As you all know this is the last Friday of the month and I cannot even grasp the idea of summer ending. It’s weird because I wanted it to end before it even started but now that it’s ending I’m feeling the complete opposite. I guess I still don’t know what I really want and was feeling very unsatisfied yesterday.

But this morning I woke up feeling less moody and more optimistic! I’ve never did “a day in the life “post so, here goes nothing!

Breakfast was a delicious smoothie consisting of banana, figs, yogurt, flax, and almonds. Mmm, yesterday my mom’s friend gave me a generous amount of freshly harvested figs. I was so excited because I rarely buy them ’cause they’re a bit pricey.

Obviously some coffee with a little vanilla soy milk was later followed; I’ve always preferred my morning cup of coffee very dark, strong, and without an ounce of sugar. I ate another handful of almonds just because they were calling my name. Unfortunately I’m all out of cashews and had to find another nutty alternative!

At around noon I did an hour of yoga. I have to like move all my furniture in order to have the necessary amount of space. One day I’ll have my own place with an empty room specified for yogic and other fitness activities! 😉

Lunch was a bit of random and a bit of leftovers which surprisingly good. The other day I had picked up giant portabella mushrooms from the store and decided to saute one with some red peppers. I rubbed it with olive oil & balsamic vinegar which really did the trick. On the side I had some leftover Cuban black rice, mmmm.

I ate two things that I did not picture: Peach flavored Greek yogurt and a Granny Smith apple.



For dinner I went to Penang’s in Edison with Aria and David. It’s probably one of my favorite restaurants the food is equally outstanding as the service! We all shared noodle soup, roti with a vegetable curry dipping sauce, riesling, fish porridge, and my personal favorite: mango tofu. After eating our feast we obviously enjoyed coffee; they’re Malaysian iced coffee out of this world! It’s syrupy and is the perfectest after dinner treat!

After that we went for a walk outside and now I am here in my bed looking this screen with my eyes very droopy and heavy. Goodnight my lovelies hope your Friday was great and make sure to be safe with this crazy weather ❤


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