Hi everyone,

I hope all of your weeks were nice and pleasant. Mine was a little different than usual it was actually something that left me shocked and in disbelief. This Thursday a good friend of my sister and basically an older sister to me, passed away. It was really weird because I knew Jess had been severely ill but it still was extremely unexpected. I thought for sure she’d recover from her illness and we’d all be hanging out laughing once again. Yesterday Aria, David, and I went over her & her fiance Juan’s house for a get together. Then reality started to sink in when her old roommates played a slide show of her and her fiance began to cry. We all cried. It was real. But, then later in the night her friends began to share all the good memories they had with her and how Jess was never angry with anyone. Which is true. She was always smiling and up for something new. Juan asked her friends to post their fondest memories with her and here’s mine:

I remember when Jess would sleep over our house after hanging out and in the morning I just had made some coffee. One morning she woke up early and came downstairs. We would drink coffee and eat breakfast together talking about Celebrity gossip or about Aria and how she always abandoned Jess to sleep until 1pm. Pretty soon this became our little tradition and the last time she was over our house she woke me up for company and some coffee. Jess was a really cool person with a great sense of humor and if it weren’t for her I would’ve never tried Indian food. She was adventurous, caring, and extremely wise. I love you Jess and I know you’re smiling down on all of us right now sister. ❤

“Jess and Jess”


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