“Health” Magazines

I don’t usually read women’s magazines geared towards health à la: Self, Women’s Health, and Shape. They’re all about controlling you by telling you what’s healthy and what to eat, all that mumbo jumbo. The information seems to repeat it’s self: “You have to work out six days a week in order to look like Rihanna.” (or whomever is “hot” these days!) “You have to eat 1200 calories a day” <- Lie because most active and growing bodies need double that! The magazines are supposed to make you gain confidence but instead they twist our minds so we can all be “fit.” Oh, and don’t get me started on the amount of photoshop that goes into these magazines…

But one day while reading one of these magazines something Ms. Rosario Dawson stood out to me. On the subject of eating & dieting she said, “It’s a form of violence in the way that we look at women and the way we expect them to look and be for what sake? Not for health, survival, not for enjoyment of life, but just so you could look pretty.”

I really respect her and think it’s important for young girls and guys to really focus on their own health despite on what this despicable world claims to be “attractive.” Starvation is not cute, stressing over eating cake is stupid, and working out too hard stresses the body. Trust me, those magazines don’t know what YOUR body needs. And, If you really think you need those magazines for advice maybe see a nutritionist/dietitian most insurances cover them.

I am finished with this rant; you are dismissed! 🙂


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